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Created 4-Dec-13
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The Philippines are at the hub of the Coral Triangle, known for bio-diversity and destructive human behavior. Also unique is the phenomenon by which detritus collects on the near shore sea bed to form habitat attractive to an incredible array of species. Visiting the Philippines may underscore 2 extremes: 1) the innate happiness & love of the Philippine people in general and 2) extreme poverty leading to indifference or obliviousness on the country's treasure trove of reef habitat and wildlife. While tourism is the lesser of many evils, its revenue stream now provides livelihood in some key areas and may lead to further realization of what the world will pay to see these things.
Anemone Clownfish Mr & Mrs at Home 15x18 or 30x36A Boquet Called Home Dumaguete 12x16Anemone Clownfish/The Innocence of Youth 20x16Anemone Clownfish in Dumaguete Green 20x16Anemone Clownfish Embrace 12x12 or 16x16Anemone Clownfish Preteen 8x16 or 12x24Anemone Clownfish Swirl 16x14Anemone Clownfish Youth 2 20x16Anemone Clownfish Youth 12x12Mushroom Coral Crab, the 2nd Tiniest Patootie 16x14Orangespot Cardinalfish over Anemones 10x12 or 20x24Anemone Orbital Apo island 14x14Anemone Shrimp Perched Part I  11x14Anemone shrimp Perched Part II 11x14Anemonefish & Tiny Swimp 10x14Anemonefish Demurely 12x16Anemonefish Peekaboo 10x12 or 20x24Tomato Anemonefish Femme Speaks 11x14Anemonefish Question 24x16Anemonefish Swim-by 16x16

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Mel Malinowski(non-registered)
Fabulous pictures, some of the best we've ever seen.

Kudos to Robert for sharing this window into the riches of healthy reefs, and for his tireless reef conservation efforts in Hawai'i. His efforts deserve our support.
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