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My reef shots are from Hawaii, Cuba, Palau, Fiji, St. Croix, Tahiti, the Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines and Indonesia. Every fish tells a story, and those stories accompany the shots.

You may order any shot on aluminum or fine-art, archival paper or canvas. Shipping canvas is easy because it rolls for mailing in a tube. Canvas giclee can be printed as a gallery wrap or a frame wrap. Paper and canvas go to 44" by many feet--it's a roll. Paper prints must ship flat.

Aluminum is printed in the USA and ships easily. Sizes go to 60" square. All prices shown are for aluminum. Canvas or paper may vary.

I will recommend a best medium for some images, though most images will print great on any media.

I have worked for years on the front lines of the campaign to ban the aquarium trade worldwide. Your art purchase here will support that continuing work. Most subjects here are severely oppressed by the aquarium trade, and so is their habitat. And so is reef habitat anywhere near a home aquarium--like the Caribbean Sea, now compromised by lionfish, shipped to the area by the aquarium trade.

We take great strides to end marine wildlife trafficking for the pet trade.


Robert Wintner

Brief bio: I sailed to Hawaii in 1983 and soon became Snorkel Bob, Himself. Snorkel Bob's is Hawaii's only designer, developer and manufacturer of masks, fins and snorkels. This world-class equipment is at Snorkel Bob shops across Hawaii and at .

The Snorkel Bob Foundation is dedicated to protecting marine habitat and species around the world. I've written many books, mostly novels and short stories and including 4 collections of marine photography: Some Fishes I Have Known (2010), Every Fish Tells a Story (2011), Neptune Speaks (2012) all from Skyhorse Publications in NY. Reef Libre, on Cuban Exceptionalism & the Last Best Reefs in the World came out in 2014 and remains a poignent insight to Cuba reef species and habitat, with narrative, photography and a DVD.


The 5th reef photo with narrative and DVD volume will be out soon: Dragon Walk, on Reef Recovery & Political Will. Dragon Walk illustrates the inextricable link (mud bog?) between conservation and politics in a rapidly declining world, with examples of dynamic reef protection in Indonesia (Komodo National Park), the Philippines and Hawaii.

I visited a reef this week. No reef wildlife was harmed or compromised in gathering these images, though some were engaged, amused and entertained.