Robert Wintner | Tahiti
Created 21-Jun-13
21 photos

$394 at 16x24. Tahiti coronets are the same as Hawaii coronets. This languorous swimmer achieved harmony in Sofitel Bay, hovering over a 12' bottom. This and all Tahiti shots are free dive efforts--no tanks. Few places offer such blue water at such shallow depths.
We can print up to very large sizes in the same proportions. Ask about custom pricing at . And remember: all proceeds from art sales accrue directly to the Campaign to Ban the Aquarium Trade in Hawaii.
Blues Coronet 16x24Coronet Swirl 11x14Liftoff 6x18Cowboy Speaks 16x16Cowboy Angle 16x16Cowboy Going Long 16x24Hey, Sodbuster 10x16Clown in a Breeze 12x18Clownfish Punim 14x16Clown Angle 12x12Saddleback Butterfly 16x23Chevron juvie in Tahiti antler 14x14Pennant Bannerfish 16x22Lemonpeel Angel Peekaboo 15x15Lemonpeel Angel Profile 15x15Lemonpeel Angel Flourish 15x15Blue Chromis Sentry 11x14Tahiti Pipefish Confidential 11x14Peekaboo Puffer Tahiti 10x12Gregory in Antler Coral Hideaway 12x12

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